Case Study: Data On The Side of The Artist

“Validation Run was hands down the missing piece for my business. I felt I had a great idea but was lacking the numbers that proved pursuing it would be worthwhile. Validation Run gave me the confidence to pursue my idea and to boldly plan my next steps. What a gift!! 

Michael was incredibly thorough in walking me through the latest ways to interpret the incoming interest in my business which left me so much more empowered when it came to speaking with others. A little lingo goes a long way!

Michael is encouraging, patient and informative, which is exactly what you want when presenting one of your precious brain children to another person :) I feel so grateful for his work and it's significant impact on my business. The results I received from my assessment went beyond my expectations and I'm now on my way to actually creating the business I've been dreaming of for two years!!”

Additional notes I wanted to share with you from our meeting about VR (in no particular order!):

  • Validation run: "data on the side of the artist....for once" :)

  • Assists the 30-40 year olds to achieve more certain success. 

  • Many of us weren't educated to work in this tech climate so knowing what we need to succeed or what the market will like is really tough. VR helps cut through the noise.

  • If working for yourself is the way of the future how can you ensure a stronger start? VR!

  • it allows for less wasted time and resources, which none of us seem to have anyway :)

  • Less doubt, more confidence