All you need is a good idea; to start something, to break from convention, to set yourself free. Validation Run is a service to test your new business/project/campaign/side-hustle idea in the real world. 

Answer the questions in our submission form and we'll create a landing page and paid advertising campaign to validate your idea and learn about the target audience in the process.



  1. You submit intake form detailing project name, value proposition and ideal customer persona (don't worry: the form explains how to answer these)

  2. We create a Campaign directing targeted traffic to a custom landing page with your idea

  3. We provide a report with campaign findings

  4. If you get the green light, you're now ready to start building your project


We're in this together

We're looking to build a community to support this shift in mindset. Some people already get it, but others are still stuck in the old way of thinking. The world of business is changing and we have more individual freedom at our fingertips than ever before. Validation Run is our effort to support this movement. Join us and scratch that itch!

Past Campaigns

Preview some past Validation Run campaigns. 




Everything you need to get the ball rolling!

  1. You submit intake form

  2. We follow up to process payment

  3. Campaign construction

    1. We research keywords and target audience

    2. We craft messaging for ads and landing page copy

    3. We design and develop said assets

    4. You get 1 review of Campaign assets before we go live

  4. Campaign goes live and highly targeted traffic is funnelled to your landing page!

  5. After 1 week of testing and subsequent analysis, you'll get a report with the following:

    1. Campaign breakdown: with keywords, niche audience targeting, suggested messaging and content ideas

    2. All leads generated, with name and email address

    3. Our Validation Score and a suggestion on whether or not to proceed with your project

    4. Think of the Report as a pre-business-plan.

  6. You get working on your actual new business plan, or back to the drawing board ;)



Everything in the Lite plan, plus:

  • Kickoff Skype call to refine idea, 1 hr

  • Discussion of marketing channels (alternative to PPC), depending on your proposed niche

  • Multiple reviews of campaign before launch

  • Further iterations of testing: bringing a deeper understanding of the messaging that works

  • Expanded Report to include Content Ideas

  • Lean Canvas: the lean startup business plan

Contact us if you're interested in running a Classic Plan. 


Custom Package

If your idea isn’t quite fitting into the Lite or Classic plans, contact us and we’ll design a custom plan. 

Considering the 19 different marketing channels noted in Traction, there's a broad range beyond the accelerated PPC approach.


Some good reads to get you in the right frame of mind. Think ideation, validation, bootstrapping, liberation from 9-to-5, startup success.