$250 USD

2-week turnaround.


  1. Intake Form (payment in form)

  2. Setup

    1. Keyword research

    2. Positioning & copywriting

    3. Landing page

    4. Ads

    5. Analytics & tracking

  3. Launch

  4. Report


  • Top performing keywords and search terms

  • Google Ad results: Impressions, Clicks, Click-through Rate, Cost Per Click, Conversions.

  • Demographic information. e.g. age, gender, location, peak time-of-day.

  • Individual leads generated



If you start with any lower level campaign and then wish to upgrade to the next level, for any individual idea, we’ll only charge the difference in price as an upgrade fee.

Need More Guidance?

Our Classic campaign is our benchmark of validation. It has everything in the Lite campaign plus guidance to help you get the most out of the experience and further recommendations to best reach your target audience.