The Most Effective Over The Counter Natural Sleeping Aid

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The non-addictive herbal blend of Valerian and Hops in New Leaf is your Ideal solution to sleep latency issues and insomnia

Sleep soundly with New Leaf.

Sleep soundly with New Leaf.

New Leaf improves sleep architecture by reducing sleep latency and awake time during the night.


  • No interaction with other drugs
  • No drowsiness the next day
  • The non-addictive composition removes potential for abuse (suitable for long-term treatment)
  • Compliance  with Herbal Medicinal Products Committee of the European Medicines Agency

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Prescription sleeping pills and Melatonin are too harsh on our sleep architecture

Looking for a Natural Medicine to help with Sleeplessness?

Many people struggle with sleeplessness; finding it hard to get to sleep, stay asleep, and wake refreshed.

No matter what the cause, sleeplessness can hold you back. 

New Leaf is a herbal bland of two insomnia medications that work together to support sound sleep architecture. 

It can help you:

  • Fall asleep quicker, by alleviating tension that keeps you from transitioning into sleep
  • Stay asleep longer, by repairing your natural sleep rhythms
  • Wake up feeling refreshed, by helping you reach deeper sleep and with no morning drowsiness 
Valerian and Hops have a long history of helping with sleep issues and insomnia.  

Valerian and Hops have a long history of helping with sleep issues and insomnia.  

Drug Composition

  • Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis): 250mg dry extract
  • Hop stroblle (Humulus lupulus): 60mg dry extract
  • Dosage: 2 x  1 pill
  • Package sizes: 20 and 60 tablets


Manufactured in Switzerland to the Highest Standards


Quality Focus

Plant-based medicines have been used effectively by humans of all cultures for thousands of years. We screen for only the best plant varieties to get the optimum extract for the final product.



Phytotherapy is the newer science-based approach to medicinal herbs. Drugs developed as phyto-pharmaceuticals are safe and effective, as proven through clinical trials.


Batch Consistency

Strict processes are followed to ensure quality control at every production stage. This ensures consistency among batches, ensuring you get the best possible final product.


Don't miss out on living your best sleep life