A convenient canvas bag, holding the essential components to make world-class coffee


For business travelers, students in a dorm, digital nomads, backpackers, office workers, FIFO workers, campers, the RV crowd, pretentious coffee snobs and savvy gift givers. Anyone who takes their coffee seriously.


After trying many different coffee makers and methods, this combination was found to be the optimum solution for highest quality, consistency, ease of use, space and weight requirements, cost-effectiveness and sheer fun factor. 


Don't put up with mediocre coffee, on the road or anywhere, ever again



Everything You Need To Make Great Coffee

  • Aeropress
  • Able metal disk filter
  • Porlex hand grinder
  • Mini digital scales (tbd)

Travel Ready Canvas Kit

  • Handmade in Florida
  • Perfect to travel alongside your toiletries
  • Dimensions: A*B*C (L*H*W), imperial/metric
  • Weight with a full bag of beans: y Lbs/x Kg

Optional Subscripton

  • Rotating selection from Counter Culture

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